Collection: Chess pieces

Our collection of various chess pieces includes a diverse selection of sets ranging from classic Staunton models to unique and modern stylish designs. Each set of chess pieces is carefully crafted with attention to detail and quality, ensuring a perfect match for any chess board.

Our selection covers a variety of sizes to suit a wide range of chessboard dimensions and offers a wide color palette including ebonized and non-ebonized options. A wide range of materials, sizes and designs ensure that you are sure to find the perfect set of chess pieces to suit your preferences and playing style.

These chess pieces are a great addition to any chess fanatic's collection or a gift for a special occasion. They connect seamlessly with different chessboards and guarantee a perfect fit. Take it to a new level and satisfy both the eye and the gaming experience with these wonderful chess pieces.

Carefully designed. Skillfully crafted.

Most of our products are crafted in Poland by some of the finest artisans we collaborate with. Their dedication to their craft and creativity makes our chess collection an intriguing alternative to modern mass production. Techniques like carving, wood burning, and inlay are employed in the manufacturing process.