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Complete Chess Sets - Chessboard & Pieces

From this collection you can choose a complete chess set, knowing the chess board and chess pieces fit perfectly together.

Official Folding Chess Sets

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The Nordic Chess Store

We are proud to offer quality chess boards, chess pieces, chess sets, chess clocks, electronic chess boards and other chess accessories.

Chess culture is deep in our roots, and we strive to offer players the best possible equipment and equipment. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced chess player, we have something for you. Welcome to explore our selection and enjoy the world of chess.

Wooden Chess Boards

Why play chess?

There is no doubt that chess teaches logical thinking, decision making and systematic evaluation of different choices or moves in a logical way better than any other teaching medium.

Chess also increases both self-confidence and attentiveness and helps to improve memory capacity.

Chess Pieces

The History of Chess

The origin of chess is one of the most controversial issues in the history of board games. Many countries, including Egypt, Assyria, Greece and Uzbekistan, have claimed to have invented at least the earliest form of chess.

India or Persia are generally considered to be the homeland of chess, but China has also been suggested as the birthplace of chess, because Chinese xiangqi is very similar to chess.

Storage Boxes for Chess Pieces

Chess in the Nordics

Interest in chess has grown explosively in recent years. There can be many reasons; Chess has, for example, been prominently featured in many new TV series and movies. Of course, the current tensions in Europe can also be a factor.

Shakkipöytä Mahonki-Shakkipöytä-TiberianChess.fi

Chess Table Mahogany

This chess table is the perfect combination of artistic design and the joy of playing chess. The dimensions of the chess table 80 x 80 cm allow you to play the game comfortably, and the height of the legs can be chosen as 70 cm or 50 cm, so the table fits perfectly for your game moments in different heights.

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